Social Entrepreneurship & De-Addiction treatment techniques

This part time course is meant for staff and founders of de-addiction centres to improve their quality of treatment and management practices.


To bring in professionalism in treatment strategies and management amongst de-addiction centres.


4 months (Every Saturday from 10am to5 pm)


De-addiction centre heads/staff

Benefits to participants: 

Participants gain a practical understanding of Social entrepreneurship concepts and the various addiction counseling, treatment and rehabilitation strategies. The course helps to understand all aspects of professional de-addiction treatments and practical knowledge on NGO Management and legal requirements.

Program details: 

Course consists of a total instruction time of about 90 hours. This program is jointly handled by CONCERN, a de-addiction centre in Chennai and CSIM. Modules deal with effective counseling strategies and latest treatment methodologies for de-addiction which is handled by the CONCERN team. Concepts of social entrepreneurship, management tools and life skills are handled by CSIM team.

Centres where held:


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