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| September 15, 2019

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Social Entrepreneurship for Vocational Rehabilitation -

This course initiates the participants in the developmental and managerial aspects of disabilities and orients them on various matters of rehabilitation— – medical, psychological, educational, and vocational— – of all categories of disabled.


5 months (3hrs a day- two days a week)


Knowledge of English and computer skills essential

Benefits to participants:

Participants gain a theoretical understanding of Social Entrepreneurship and vocational rehabilitation strategies. The course helps in understanding all aspects of disabilities and imparts practical knowledge on NGO Management and legal requirements.

Program details:

Course consists of a total instruction time of about 90 hours and 30 hrs of field visits. Modules deal with introduction to the disabilities, the effect of disabilities in psycho social context and management of adults with disabilities concepts of social entrepreneurship, management tools and life skills.

Centres where held: Chennai

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